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It investigates how YXSfx nouns are li Wordnets, which are repositories of lexical semantic knowledge containing semantically linked synsets and lexically linked words, are indispensable for work on computational linguistics and natural language processing. While building wordnets for Hindi and Marathi, two major Indo-European languages, we observed that the verb hierarchy in the Prince Publication search with compound verbs as keyword. Sort by Default Relevance Published Date. On the formation of complex predicates in Bengali Bhattacharja, Shishir Published in Journal of South Asian Languages and Linguistics In this article we show, in the light of Bengali data, how verbal constructions known as Complex predicates can be handled in grammar.

The use of the dative with Latin compounds Pinkster, Harm This article is about compound verbs in Latin that govern a dative case for their second or third argument, although the simple verbs they are related to do not govern a dative themselves. Towards a profile of the interpersonal organization of the portuguese clause Gouveia, Carlos A. Compound verbs and deverbal nouns in French and Italian: which morphological process? Namer, Fiammetta This poster deals with Romance compound deverbal event nouns, and their related compound verbs.

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Placing indigeneity: Betta Kurumba narratives of territory and clan structure. Asian Ethnology 73 1—2 39— Innovations in Betta Kurumba verb stems. Complex predicates in Betta Kurumba.

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