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And as she has indicated, this kind of work becomes possible within a community of practice that shares a commitment to the role of nursing knowledge and expertise in finding ways to do things better — something Pat has persistently and consistently demonstrated over those 17 years.

The Strategy for Value Transformation

I believe that the success of this nurse led clinic is an exemplar for what nursing can and should be contributing to the health care of British Columbians with chronic conditions. While I celebrate the benefit that has come to the Comox Valley as a result of this clinic, I feel sincere regret that we have not yet found the political and policy voice to expand this model of care delivery to a wider range of communities. The evidence from evaluation of that clinic project has remained solid over time, and we know that it has been highly effective.

Roles in Chronic Disease Management

It seems a pity therefore that other populations in BC whose members are similarly affected by chronic disease and inequity do not yet have access to this kind of resource. I understand the political nature of such matters, and recognize that the absence of a particular kind of policy voice in the province over the past 5 years has meant that there is no one strongly advocating for this kind of approach to primary care reform.

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While the voices of some other disciplines have had a strong impact in how reform has been enacted, nursing has not found a place at those policy tables. So I am highly optimistic that this new Association will once again create a strong argument for nurse led clinics as a logical adjunct to a comprehensive set of community based health care services, and that initiatives driven by nurses will once again have a chance to see the light of day.

I would like to thank Pat for her comments. From its very beginning it flourished and has continued to be a great success. The people of the Comox Valley are fortunate indeed to have had the opportunity to be part of the development of, and to receive stellar care from, a very innovative service staffed by an amazing group of nurses!! What Pat modestly did not say was that this project has also already had a significant impact on the nursing profession and the health care system in BC.

Thankfully, ARNBC has emerged to address this gap and bring the knowledge of wise nurses like Pat and her colleagues in the Nursing Centre — and the thousands other nurses who great have ideas about how similarly innovative health care services could be delivered across BC — into the policy decision-making processes once again. Covering symptoms, diagnosis, treatment, and strategies for living day-to-day with an illness, guides are designed to stimulate a more productive doctor-patient conversation.

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The site covers more than health topics and offers interactive features as well. Table 4. Table 5. Discussion This cost-of-illness study aimed to comprehensively assess the economic burden of chronic pain in the working-age population in Austria. Strengths and limitations To our knowledge, this is the first study to estimate the societal burden of chronic pain in Austria. Supporting information. S1 Text. Valuation of direct medical services. S2 Text. Adjuvant pain medication. S3 Text. Dataset description. S1 File.

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Nonopioid Pharmacologic Treatments for Chronic Pain

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CDC Guideline for Prescribing Opioids for Chronic Pain — United States, 2016

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