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For humanitarians , creating safe, inclusive, and accessible cities for the urban displaced means focusing on the importance of place and public space. In , democratic uprisings from Tunisia to Egypt to Bahrain showed us that the exercise of democracy depends upon having a literal commons where people can gather as citizens—a square , Main Street , park , or other public space that is open to all. PPS Senior Fellow Rony Jalkh explores how we can use placemaking as a strategy to promote peacemaking in cities facing instability, particularly in the Middle East and North Africa region.

Given the recent acts of protests and uprisings we have been witnessing in cities throughout the world, it's becoming clear that sustained community engagement is more important than ever. This article asks how we can move forward in the creation of more equitable places, while also ensuring that the process of creating these places is itself inclusive. Sign up for our regular placemaking newsletter full of resources, news, and opportunities, as well as occasional updates from Project for Public Spaces.

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And when you face a politics that aspires to make you fearful, alienated and isolated, joy is a fine act of insurrection. See you in the streets,. Fred Kent. Equitable Placemaking: Not the End, but the Means. Does Placemaking Cause Gentrification? Goh, Beng-an, and David Liauw. Goh, Daniel P.

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Does Democracy Need Truth?: A Conversation with the Historian Sophia Rosenfeld

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Equitable Placemaking: Not the End, but the Means

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Kimmelman: On Democracy and Public Spaces

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Does Democracy Need Truth?: A Conversation with the Historian Sophia Rosenfeld | The New Yorker

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