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All of this has been carefully planned by experts who have studied the art of fashion merchandising, called as merchandiser.

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Fashion merchandise representatives who are on the buying team apply their knowledge of fashion trends to purchase merchandise that are profitable and popular with shoppers. Fashion merchandising jobs require a balance of savvy fashion sense and business expertise, and the ability to work within a specific budget, negotiate with manufacturing representatives to set prices to ensure profitable margins.

Merchandisers play a vital role in developing new fashion trends and make them available to the public. Fashion related careers are pervasive, providing a comfortable living for umpteen.

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You will often find a fashion merchandiser engaged in-. Professional buyers purchase wholesale goods for retail establishments. The primary focus in fashion buying is to choose the clothing and accessories that will go into the store.

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  5. This duty is sometimes incorporated into the merchandising, and the two collaborate to make buying decisions. Buyer too has to stay current on the latest fashion trends to decide what customers want to buy. A fashion buyer needs a clear understanding of what type of merchandise the store wants. This requires the analysis of the typical customer, as well as fashion trends and style. Fashion buying also involves tracking the store's budget, clothing quality, and price.

    Fashion Merchandising & Buying

    There is a business side of buying and one need to have an analytical part of them to be a good buyer, but for that one doesn't have to study business, practical experience is good. So people should try out what they love- a buyer or a merchandiser go for it, go work a retail job, go intern during the summer, that brings experience. Thus we can say, merchandisers and buyers generate interest in new styles and products. They promote latest trends and help people connect to the world of fashion.

    In the past few decades fashion has undergone rapid changes, credit goes to the merchandisers and buyers who are innovative enough to understand good clothing and have the ability to sell it to the public.

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    Entrepreneur Media, Inc. Apparel or fashion merchandising isn't to be confused with visual merchandising, although visual merchandising is a type of fashion merchandising.

    Fashion Merchandiser Finds Her Calling

    The apparel merchandising definition involves the actual production and distribution of designs to the consumer. A fashion merchandiser would follow this trail from start the designer to middle manufacturing to the end in the store and in the hands of the consumer or take on any one aspect in the chain. A fashion merchandiser can take on a number of different careers in the industry.

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    This includes product development i. Other fashion merchandisers prefer to go into buying. These are the folks who decide which designs are in your favorite boutiques and e-commerce stores. That floral A-line dress from Gap was chosen by a buyer in the same way the wedding dress you purchased at Kleinfeld was chosen by a buyer.

    Ever wonder how Rihanna makes best-dressed lists? She can thank her stylist for picking out the goods that suit her style and flatter her figure.

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    Students may choose from three concentrations. The Business concentration focuses on the planning, procurement, and marketing aspects of the fashion business. Students learn to research target markets, analyze business results, manage the supply chain, and develop strategies that effectively meet the needs of consumers. The Product Development concentration explores the development of private label or branded merchandise, supply chain management, and the use of product data management techniques.

    Description of Fashion Merchandising Jobs

    The Fashion Promotion concentration is geared toward the student seeking a career in fashion public relations or advertising, event production or on-line promotion. A capping course is required for all senior Merchandising students. Fashion Merchandising students may also pursue a Product Development minor. Project Requirement: Students wishing to enter the Fashion Merchandising major must submit the required project.

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    Students majoring in.