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You've been using oracle or angel cards and are ready for more complexity. You're comfortable using Tarot as a hobby and are considering going pro.

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You prefer bite-sized learnings and short audios. You fundamentally disagree that the Rider Waite Smith deck is a seminal influence in the history of Tarot. You want a certificate or endorsement upon completion. You require transcripts or closed captioning for video content. This may be an option in the future.

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You are uncomfortable with swearing. It's minimal but I let it slip a few times. What you really want is 1-on-1 Mentoring with me to become more confident in your already-established intuitive arts business. Keep in mind, the simplest readings tend to be the most effective, so try not to overwhelm yourself with too many energies at once.

This is entirely a personal preference. Angel oracle cards tend to be larger than your average deck of playing cards and many find them cumbersome to shuffle in the conventional sense, and that is okay! You want to make sure the deck is mixed to your satisfaction.

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Think of this step as a way to charge the cards with your personal energy and prepare them for action. While mixing the deck, focus on your intention for the reading—your specific question, or general intention. Once your cards are laid out in your chosen pattern, it is time to reveal the messages from your angels and guides. The interpretation stage of the reading is where people find themselves most insecure, as if they do not possess on their own the tools to make sense of the message being communicated.

For this purpose, angel cards come with an enclosed booklet that explains the meaning of each card. Standard interpretations and keywords are included to help you decode the meaning of the image and offer insight that answers your question and supports your intention. While the booklet is helpful in familiarizing yourself with the cards and their meanings, especially if you are new to angel card readings, some find the standard interpretations to be a bit rigid in the sense that these set-in meanings create boundaries for interpretation.

However, there are other methods for interpreting angel cards that are less structured and tap into your intuition.

A great way to interpret card meanings is simply looking at the card itself. This is an important step in the interpretation process, as it can reveal quite a bit about what your guides and angels are trying to communicate. What images and symbols are visible? Do any images and symbols in the card or cards hold personal significance to you? If so, it is likely that your guides and angels are using these special symbols to communicate a message.

You could find that the image itself resonates deeply with you for reasons outside of the standard interpretation. Taking this quick visual step before you reach for the booklet allows for a moment to absorb messages from spirit.

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End your reading by thanking your angels and guides for their wisdom and light energy. Saying a short prayer to properly close out your communication with these spiritual channels honors their wisdom and shows your appreciation for these healing energies. Your guides and angels are always there for you, wanting to bring out your best. Incorporating angel cards in your spiritual practice will make these messages clear and purposeful in your everyday life.

I have studied metaphysics, philosophy, and theology since I was twelve years old. My journey began in the New Age movement with the work of Edgar Cayce and with the discipline of astrology. The second section focuses on the Court Cards and their correlation with Astrology, in particular with zodiacal sun signs through the Knight, Queen and King.

The fourth section looks at various aspects of Tarot reading, layouts and use of the Tarot therapeutically; whether professionally, for friends, or for personal self-improvement. It is important to remember that your proficiency in Tarot readings will be directly linked with the amount of effort put into study. For this reason I have devised various exercises to help you to develop a greater understanding of interpretation.

Methodical performance of these exercises will produce a deeper appreciation of the breadth and depth of this fascinating subject. The exercises are structured and set out in a form that encourages you to fill in the blanks and note pages. Keeping a conscientious record of your work over weeks, months and years will develop a continuity in study, as well as charting your progress.

In attempting the colouring exercises it is a good idea to record the date and your mood at the time, so that in weeks or months ahead you can look back over your notes and see how your views have changed and developed. Similarly, keeping a record of the readings you perform on the blanks provided, will act as a reminder of the outcome of your own interpretations and those made for friends or clients.

I recommend that you open a file to contain photocopies of the blank spreads to facilitate this.

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The style and manner of your approach to reading Tarot will naturally be unique to you. I can offer an insight into my own approach to interpretation, but it will not necessarily be the same as your own. Tarot reading is a deeply personal act which can only develop with time and effort and practice. T he layout of the first twenty-two pages of the Workbook shows The Mythic Tarot card on the left hand page and an enlarged black-and-white outline on the opposite page.

Colouring these black-and-white images can help to stimulate and increase latent powers of intuition. Fantasy and imagination are the means for stimulating the intuitive powers which are present in all of us but which lie deep in the unconscious mind. Children are not shackled by inhibitions and can let their feelings flow unchecked.

Their painting, drawing and colouring games help to develop their imagination, broaden their horizons, air their emotions and resolve inner conflict. As adults we become conscious of our inadequacy in artistic achievement, and so shy away from attempting to represent our emotions pictorially. Yet painting and colouring have great potential for expressing thoughts and concentrating energy.

Tarot Decoder: Interpret The Symbols Of The Tarot And Increase Your Understanding Of The Cards

So, allow yourself to suspend intellectual judgement for a short while and let your imagination roam freely around a particular image; and then see how effortlessly feelings and associations can emerge spontaneously. Let your choices in colour flow, too, because this exercise is not artistic but therapeutic. Make a free choice of the colours which seem to you most appropriate in describing the essence of each card. Think about feelings the different colours evoke in you: does green symbolise for you a sinister feeling of envy or a calm assurance of the natural order of things?

Does red signify anger or energy?

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Does yellow imply cowardice or splendour? Colours in The Mythic Tarot Minor Arcana cards attempt to reflect the mood of the image in general terms—blues for the watery suit of Cups, reds and oranges for the fiery Wands, silvers and greys for the airy Swords and browns and greens for the earthy Pentacles. These may not coincide with your own impressions: you should feel free to choose the colours which best express your personal inclination. Try to find a key colour to associate with each Major card. In working through this exercise, record the date in each case and make brief notes of your thoughts, feelings and memories at the time.

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On returning to one or the other of the images on later occasions the chosen colours may stimulate different, possibly more vivid associations. As an example, consider the image of the Empress. In The Mythic Tarot she is represented as the Earth Mother, the goddess Demeter, and is therefore closely associated with the Mother-image, personal and archetypal. In setting out to discover more about this card, start by colouring her image. Like Demeter, mothers have two aspects: one dark and the other light. One set of colours might be adopted for exploring her dark face and another set for her bright face.