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This is the best study of the creation of the Sunbelt that we have. It is also guaranteed to generate a debate over her persuasive claim that the Arizona city, under the sway of Barry Goldwater's circle, gave birth to the economic formula we have come to know as neoliberalism. A remarkable achievement! Through Shermer's eyes, we see that the conservative political project is not simply 'antistatist,' and that the real struggle is over what government will do, not whether or not there will be government.

The Phoenix Generation: A New Era of Connection, Compassion, and Consciousness

Sunbelt Capitalism is a fascinating and compelling new book. Shermer researches deeply like a hedgehog but ranges widely like a fox, and her arguments are strengthened by comparisons with places as diverse as Southern California, Nevada, Tennessee, and Georgia.

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Even Rustbelt historians have much to learn in these pages. Sugrue, University of Pennsylvania Few Sunbelt cities burned brighter or contributed more to the conservative movement than Phoenix. In , eleven thousand people called Phoenix home; now, over four million reside in this metropolitan region. In Sunbelt Capitalism , Elizabeth Tandy Shermer tells the story of the city's expansion and its impact on the nation. McNally Jackson also houses a cozy cafe where you can sit down and read—or maybe even write—the latest craze, all while enjoying coffee and a scone.

The machine prints from a network of over 7-million titles, which include public domain, blacklist and out-of-print titles.

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Customers can also request personalized editions of select literary classics. If you are a writer looking to take your piece to the next step, the Espresso Book Machine even prints self-published works. Whether you are a reader or a writer, McNally Jackson poses the perfect place to sit back and indulge in your work. In , Rizzoli Bookstore moved into the elegant six-story townhouse, complete with a balcony and beautiful chandeliers, that would be its home for 25 years.

In , however, the classical 57th Street location was torn down, much to the dismay of frequent customers. The most striking element about the store is its polished design, featuring marble floors, chandeliers, and masterfully painted wall murals.

Dark wooden bookshelves stretch from floor to ceiling, giving book-lovers myriad choices for their next read. Even so, their collection does not neglect other areas of interest.

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Honesty is a virtue we all desire but are rarely able to practice. Lena Dunham however is the exception, for in her new book, Not That Kind of Girl, she reveals to her audience the raw awkwardness that is her life. From uncomfortable sexual encounters to unlikely bonds of friendship, Dunham recounts all the embarrassing incidents that have occurred throughout her painfully unfortunate and equally hilarious life history. She even delves into the ones we have all deemed too embarrassing to even mention. In a hilarious description of a cheese and beer party gone awry, Dunham recalls how a friends tearful meltdown caused her to miss out on finally losing her V-card.

To add insult to injury, the reason for the meltdown was because said friend was threatened by her roommate after leaving a note that asked her to stop having high pitched banchi sex.

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In another account Lena tells of how a houseplant single handedly managed to save her from becoming an ad for planned parenthood. Despite being thankful to the drunken frat boy who finally stole her virtue, Dunham admitted she was more grateful to the mini palm tree whose low hanging foliage managed to expose the condom that had fallen off mid coitus.

When Dunham discusses love and friendship, she gives reference to two of the strangest yet impactful relationships of her life. The first was with her online Russian pen-pal-turned-boyfriend. So whether it was being rescued by a common houseplant or defending her right to snuggle, Dunham proves that both in love and life that she is no ordinary girl. Does the name of this author sound familiar? Probably not. He published one novel prior to his latest release, Black Sabbath: Master of Reality , in , but otherwise gained no literary notoriety.

His name usually becomes familiar when it is mentioned in conjunction with his band, The Mountain Goats. Yes, he is that guy — the lead singer and songwriter — who has been called one of the best lyricists of his generation. Even though Wolf in White Van was just published last month, it has already received a lot of attention and was nominated as a long-list finalist for the National Book Award in Fiction. All readers are told is that it involved a gun; the rest of the story creates the mystery of the novel. The Trace Italian is a stronghold built in Kansas to protect the few remaining humans on Earth from the radioactive wasteland America has become.

Sean receives letters from players explaining how they want to play the game, which he narrows down to a single choice and then mails the consequences of the choice back to them.

As each piece is revealed, readers get closer to the truth of what happened. To sum it all up: the story creates a windy path, is told non-linearly, can be a bit confusing, but is completely worth it.

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When reading for fun, readers look for one of two things: the familiar or the novel. Each appeals in a different way. Maxwell Neely-Cohen crafts a story which imbues the unknown in the novel with a sense of familiarity, leaving readers with a sense that their lives could mirror that of the characters. He was also kind enough to answer some questions for The Phoenix about his new book. While the story is extremely fascinating, it can be a bit confusing to keep track of the story with four leads. Here is what you need to know to keep track of who is who: Steven knows more about bombs than any kid his age should, thanks to his attention to detail and ex-spy father.

Efram is unable to connect with his surroundings in the aftermath of a family scandal. Chloe plays the role of the mean girl. She is a bit sadistic and hurts her friends just for the fun of it. Molly loses her mother in a tragic car accident and is thrust into a life of isolation with survivalists as her only companions. Though these lives seem unrelated, the connections between the characters keep readers engaged throughout the novel.

It was also the younger siblings of some of my classmates who inspired me to write about contemporary teenagers in the first place. There is no one overarching theme to the novel and that is part of what makes it appealing to so many people.

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