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Body modification is not legislated in NSW, however members of the so-called skin penetration industry are required to follow public health regulations. The trial is expected to take three to four weeks. Some millions small and large plants around the world are badly stuck in old groves of decades old mentality, unable to transform to the meaning of global-age, unable to rapidly optimize to grow to new heights with new global age thinking and execution. Imagine all that wasted potential, talent and machinery, infrastructure under dead weight of old mentality still logged into hard-assets… deeper studies are critical.

Self-discovery poised to find all hidden potentials, Self-optimization to deploy all new skills and potentials Realization of producing extreme-value.

Realization of producing extreme-image-positioning. Market navigation to reach global corners. Understanding value of creating local grassroots prosperity. Learning to live in harmony, diversity and tolerance.

Routledge Studies in the Growth Economies of Asia

As new measurements of success; nations are now required to prove their mastery of transforming their own working-citizenry capable of global age skills with lifelong learning? To ensure a nation ending up with soft-power-assets and to become globally agile on trade and claim their global image supremacy of innovative excellence, leaving far behind hard-asset-centric traditionally structured economies based on short-term profit results.

New models of creating national wealth and identity; If investing only on selected lower hanging fruits is considered a good strategy, now investing more into hidden jungles and new trees while they grow into new fruitful heights will become an even smarter strategy. Building a soft-power-asset-centric society is much better over maintaining large industrial age complexes. Economies will increasingly face restless youth and anxious citizenry and there is nothing more critical than creating nationwide grassroots prosperity, all via lifelong learning and uplifting fear of automation, because displaced citizenry needs protection.

Critical Observations: Why immediate replacement of old education system around the world with new global-age transformation has become so necessary? This can be a wake-up call for economies of the world; rethinking, reprioritizing, reinvesting and reinventing investable all over. Is it is easy to transform people? Here are some global-age options and new style thinking.

Calling mass transformation and mobilization of working-citizenry. Self-Discovery; close your eyes and discover your hidden talents, create supreme performance and become a global age thinker. This will open entrepreneurial thinking. Enterprising Journeys; open your eyes and study the global age and indulge at the enterprise level, build and create massive growth. Do something phenomenal. This will open new business ideas. Grassroots Prosperity; open your mind and lead by example, deploy and create grassroots prosperity, improve surroundings, help teams, share knowledge and create extreme value.

This will open collaborative thinking and leadership roles. National Mobilization; open your heart and share your authoritative command and knowledge, mobilize and help your own nation and make sure it is moving in the right direction, assist in boosting the national economy. Mankind demands straight answers, seeks new alternatives, strives for grassroots prosperity and ready to lift the weight via power of entrepreneurialism.

New Challenges: Can a nation declare top priority to discover its hidden and untapped talents of their citizenry? Can it demonstrate superior skills to mobilize small and medium businesses across the nation? Can it adopt continuous self-learning to foster occupational superiority for the nation? Can national leadership demonstrate refined understanding of entrepreneurial skills?

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Fact: The world can easily absorb unlimited exportable ideas in unlimited vertical markets. Fact: The well-designed innovative ideas are worthy of such quadrupled volumes. Fact: The entrepreneurial and dormant talents of a nation are capable of such tasks. Fact: The new global age skills, knowledge and execution are now the missing links. Global Age Thinking : What will it take to re-organize and operate as a multinational organization with little or no extra costs?

Global Age Modeling : How to optimize and integrate soft power assets against sluggish hard asset centricity. Global Age Execution: How to get trained to achieve what normally takes normal days to do it in only dramatic hours. Global Age Presence : How to bring the image supremacy of innovative excellence into global space and profit.

New York, U.S. : RoutledgeCurzon

Global Age Prosperity: How to become a magnet of prosperity with new revenues, new funding, and new alliances. Cold Facts and Warm Realities: Success at times is failure management; failure is often a lost battle, but not a lost war, as ultimate success is not necessarily winning the war, success is far more about understanding the battlefield, as the real victory is hidden outside the war. Soon, economic leadership will be less about raw commodities and infrastructures and more about mental endurance and global age skills of its citizenry.

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Imagination and entrepreneurialism is far more important over commodities and infrastructures. Identify to 10, or 1,, small and midsize entrepreneurs within a nation, and create a national agenda to quadruple their performance on innovative excellence and exportability. Caution—this is not to be confused with old out-dated-dysfunctional-government-data rather it requires the assembly of ultra-modern-digital and current-profiles of midsize enterprises within a nation. Deploy digitization of top national trade associations and chambers of commences to upgrade to world-class digital platforms so that their entire membership can skate nationally and globally showcasing their goods and services.

Caution—this is not to be confused with already broken and disconnected websites from the last decade; this is more like LinkedIn format with colorful and highly interactive platforms. Study Expothon Strategy and how over a decade it has perfected the model; observe how Worldbank also adopted similar approach with their well executed Econothon project.

Expect some serious deployments in this arena. It is time to engage the national entrepreneurial talent, , or 1,, small and midsize businesses in ongoing discussions and high quality entrepreneurial debates and to create global bounce that will unveil unlimited growth. Caution— this is not to be confused with a single plastic award night; this is about outstanding performance of the remaining days of the year each filled with active and daily engagements.

Timelines: Once tackled the mobilization agenda starts progress within a year or less. Serious Questions: Why is there a critical lack of knowledge?

Triumphs, difficulties and triumphs Again

Was there ever a senior level debate and authoritative discussion on such deep integrations? Some 10, Chambers of Commerce of the world are sorting out trade wars and trade disputes, but there is little or no concentration on new global age demands of the global marketplace for their memberships. In the meantime there are some , National Trade Associations of the world stuck in last century thinking when it comes to advanced level digital platforms and are afraid about their future roles and return on investment on membership fees. They all will shine under new flags of creating new global bounce and prosperity.

Public Sectors of the world are grossly under-optimized and have little or no knowledge of their own hidden talents. They are seriously afraid of entrepreneurialism and without global-age skills or innovative ideas they know nothing about taming the elephant of global survival. It is time for the Public Sector to become confident, highly optimized and fearless, and will contribute freely to new ideas and prosper.

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By all means, such transformations are no easy task; but however, they are less dependent on new-funding but are heavily dependent on global-age-execution and strategic agenda. In the meanwhile, the small and mid-size economies of the world though in critical need of global age expertise, are already drowning in hot soup and do not have the time, finances or the luxury to intellectualizing such issues. They have already lost faith in their local support but once rejuvenated they will become the number one source of new job creation within the nation and once they wake up to the fact that prosperity is easily in their reach.

Lifelong learning and systematic training and coaching is where the missing links are as individually it cannot but in a massive mobilization mode it games a game changer for all small and medium enterprises. The overflow of free technologies, progressive local, national and global solutions are grossly misunderstood and the least optimized areas. This is an ocean in need swimmers and scuba-divers.

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Nations are already flooded with massive innovations, but lack massive commercialization. Nations have over certifications and degrees but seriously lack business directions. Nations have empty incubators and exhausted accelerators like real estate projects. Nations have economic development programs but often without mega punch.

A Round-table or Senior Cabinet Level discussions is always good starting point. These are things that make me happy. The stars brightness turns in the air. Reading Hemingway.

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